Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a time tested and data based strategy for teaching children with autism spectrum disorder or related diagnoses. Studies have shown that specific ABA techniques can help individuals  learn specific skills, such as how to communicate, develop relationships, play, care for themselves, learn in school, succeed at work, and participate fully and productively in family and community activities. ABA interventions  are not a “one size fits all” approach. Every aspect of ABA intervention is customized to each child’s skills, needs, interests, preferences, and family situation.

First Children’s Home Based ABA Therapy:


Home based ABA services include:Applied Behavior Analysis in New Jersey

  • Interventions designed and supervised by a BCBA
  • Detailed initial assessment of child’s skills
  • A selection of treatment goals that are developed with the family
  • Emphasis on skills that will enable the child to be independent and successful
  • Regular meetings between family and program staff to plan, review progress, and make adjustments
  • Parent training so family members can help support and utilize interventions


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