First Children Services has a long history providing home and supplemental instruction to students from school districts throughout New Jersey.

We provide home instruction to students in elementary school through high school.  We provide these services to students who are home due to illness, injury and disciplinary issues, including expulsion from school.  First Children Services provides school districts with NJ certified instructors who have criminal history approvals and background checks.  We also work with students are our center locations in Cherry Hill, NJ and Fanwood, NJ.

First Children Services also provides supplemental instruction to students who are in need of additional assistance in their academic studies.  We provide services after the school day, at the student’s home, school or our location(s).  Our NJ certified instructors supplement and support the student’s classroom instruction.

For more information, please contact Susan Goldman, Director, Community Educational Services at 856-888-1097 Ext. 308 or email