• First Children School Presents “Master Pieces of Mine” Art Show

    April 24, 2017-First Children School students and staff  were  proud to present  their “Master Pieces of Mine” art show during the week of April 24-28.  The students’ artwork could be seen throughout the school’s second floor all week long and was open to visitors between the hours of 9am and 2:30pm.  Each classroom picked a form of art and developed an exhibit of the students’ artwork using that art form.  The show included various art forms including photography, pointillism, screen painting, ty-dying, mini-canvas art, art exploration of great painters such as Van Gogh, paper mache, recycle art using scraps of materials from the environment, abstract art, self portraits, shadow etchings and mosaic art.   Many family members and the students’ child study team case managers attended.  “Master Pieces of Mine” art show was organized by First Children School Teacher, Erin Klimchak.

    Mosaic Art 1 Making a Mosaic Mosaic Art exhibit Ty-dye Art Self Portraits Minature Canvas Art Pictures of students ty-dying Self Portraits (2)