First Children  Services offers occupational therapy for children in our Fanwood and Cherry Hill locations.


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Similar to physical therapy, occupational therapy helps individuals with special needs improve their independence, physical well-being, and cognitive and motor skills.

How do occupational and physical therapy differ?OT image

Occupational therapy is all about building a better life.

Physical therapy focuses on movement dysfunctions, including recovering from injuries. Occupational therapy (OT) applies what is learned from PT, to get kids back to doing everyday tasks and functioning independently.

Children with permanent disabilities will be able to learn how to incorporate necessary equipment, such as wheelchairs, effectively into their lives. Occupational therapists will also be able to make modifications to improve everyday living.

OT often involves assessments at home, school, and other important environments, with guidance and recommendations on improving activities such as dressing and eating, as well as addressing psychological and social functions.

Do children need occupational therapy?

It’s a common misconception that occupational therapy is only for adults, since children do not have occupations. Children, however, have a very important job that shapes their learning and life — playing. This can range from movement and exploring, to performance in school and growing in social environments.

The importance of a child’s independent movement and ability to explore and to learn cannot be overstressed. OT’s primary goal is to guide and encourage all areas of a child’s life.

Occupational therapy at First Children Services

We approach OT on an individual, client-centered basis, which helps us focus on your child’s specific needs and goals.

All of our occupational therapists are licensed in New Jersey and are certified to work in school settings by the Department of Education.

For more information about our occupational therapies for children with special needs in New Jersey, please contact First Children Services.

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