First Children Services offers physical therapy for children with special needs in New Jersey.


Does your child struggle with movement, affecting his or her independent mobility and daily activities? Physical movement is core to a child’s life, learning, and expression. First Children Services wants to help make confident, independent movement a reality for your child.

At First Children Services, our goal is to place the needs of your child and family at the center of all activities. Our primary goals in physical therapy are to improve strength, coordination, range of motion, balance, sensory processing, and motor planning.

Our therapists are experts at providing rehabilitative therapy to a young population and know how to incorporate fun activities into our sessions to address the individual needs of a child.

What is physical therapy?

Physical therapy is health service that’s primary focus is the remediation of disabilities and impairments to promote mobility, ability to function, quality of life, and movement potential.

This is accomplished by examination, evaluation, diagnosis, and physical intervention, which are carried out by a licensed professional.

How we approach physical therapy

Therapies are provided on an individual basis, allowing us to focus on your child’s specific needs. However, we do also provide sensory-motor, core strengthening, endurance, and yoga groups.

Therapy sessions are provided in private treatment rooms, as well as equipped therapy gyms.

All of our physical therapists are licensed in New Jersey and Pennsylvania and are certified to work in school settings by the Department of Education.

For more information about our physical therapies for children with special needs, please contact First Children Services.