First Children  Services offers speech therapy for children in our Fanwood and Cherry Hill, NJ locations.

Does your child  have trouble expressing himself or understanding what others are saying? Many children with special needs have difficulty with both speech and nonverbal communication, which makes it very hard for them to interact socially.

This is why speech therapy should play a central role in nurturing the growth of any child with special needs.

What is speech therapy?

Speech therapy focuses on developing and improving two primary forms of communication — receptive language and expressive language. Receptive language has to do with the ability to understand words spoken to you, and expressive language has to do with the ability to use words to express yourself.

Depending on the child’s age and Individualized Education Program (IEP), speech therapy may also include auditory training, pre-linguistics, articulation, pragmatics, oral motor, feeding, and swallowing treatments.

How we approach speech therapy

At First Children Services, we take a “multi-modal” approach to speech therapy by providing children with a variety of sensory cues to enable them to achieve their maximum potential. These sensory cues may include gestures, sign language, facial expression, visuals, communication boards, and augmentative devices in conjunction with spoken language.

By using these various modes of communication, our mission is develop and enhance a child’s understanding and expression of language in order to communicate more effectively.

All of our speech-language pathologists are licensed in New Jersey and are certified to work in school settings by the Department of Education. We provide one-on-one and group therapy as well as speech therapy for school districts as stated in the child’s IEP.

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First Children’s speech and language services are a component of our multi modal therapeutic S.T.R.I.V.E. Center services. Speech therapy can be coordinated with our other services such as ABA therapy and occupational therapy in our locations in Fanwood and Cherry Hill.


For more information about our speech therapy services for children, please contact First Children Services at (888) 966-0746 or