See what our clients and families are saying about us:


“My son loves it there. The teachers are wonderful and when he has a problem they go out of their way to help him”—Parent of Matt, Transitions Program student

A beautiful school with beautiful people  —Parent of Joshua, First Children School student

The progress I’ve seen while Brandon has been placed at First Children is amazing.  In just one year, his transformation has been incredibly significant.  Thank you to all his teachers, therapists and all the staff at First Children.  Clearly, our children’s success is their main priority —Case manager from local school district

All staff provided by First Children have been professional, responsibly and display a strong commitment to ensure that each student is reaching his/her potential.  The BCBA closely monitors all First Children therapists and will suggest interventions or modifications that can be easily delivered in a public school environment.  The ABA therapists and BCBAs are supported by a strong administrative team that is readily available for any district-related issues —Director of Special Services from public school district

My experience with the staff at the facility has been wonderful as they have been successful at stabilizing and safeguarding my daughter —Parent of Emily, First Children School student

My daughter’s physical therapist, Janet, has taken the time to connect with my child  —Parent of Isabella, First Children School student

Since my child has started receiving services from First Children I have noticed an improvement in the areas of both academics and social skills.  As a teacher for the last 20 years, I am well aware of the necessity of both these areas in daily student life.  Being able to navigate both the written and hidden curriculum are integral to student success.  In the hours that my child has spent with the therapists of First Children, I have noticed an improvement in his verbal skills and ability to relate to others.  As a parent, knowing that my child is with a professional who is caring and knowledgeable has given me peace of mind and confidence that my child can continue to move forward in a positive direction and not have his skills regress or plateau.  Have First Children as a resource in the public school system has been helpful to the classroom teacher and school therapists.   Autism can be very crushing to the family unit.  The work and improvements I have seen in my child since he’s had First Children has been nothing short of amazing to me“—  Parent of child receiving home based ABA therapy

The BCBAs that consult through First Children have designed and implemented extremely effective, practical and attainable ABA programs throughout eight different classrooms.  First Children provides extensive training to our teachers and paraprofessionals concerning discreet trials and instruction, as well as crisis and behavior management.  In addition all individuals that I have worked with from FC are able to develop excellent rapport with administrators, child study team members as well as parents of children within the district.  We view First Children as experts within the subject of Applied Behavior Analysis —Supervisor of Special Educations from local school district

The teachers and nurses are wonderful at communicating with the parents on a daily basis.  The school consistently observes and assesses each child’s individual needs— Parent of Kaseem, First Children School student

To all the wonderful staff that touched our lives.  Thank you for giving us a great beginning in life, your nurturing, love and dedication has prepared us for a bright future.  You will always remain ‘A Special Place’ on our hearts— Former students in A Special Place Child Care Center