First Children School in Fanwood is a New Jersey Department of Education approved private school for students with disabilities serving students in grades PreK through high school.  We specialize in educating students with multiple disabilities including those who are medically fragile, developmentally, intellectually and/or physically disabled, deaf or hard of hearing, and /or visually impaired. 


First Children School is a stepping off point for children with disabilities who need highly specialized educational and therapeutic services for some period in their lives.

Educationally, we provide a small class size, low staff to student ratio and individualized instruction. First Children employs staff who understand the uniqueness of development in each child.  First Children School utilizes the New Jersey Student Learning Standards curriculum, modified for the learning of our students.   The preschool follows the HighScope as well as the Creative Curriculum.  Every student receives instruction in mathematics, language arts, science, social studies, character education, music, and health.  Classroom activities, as well as field trips, enhance the curriculum.  Every student at First Children, grades three and up, participate in the state testing.  The Dynamic Learning Map (DLM) is given every spring to assess the students learning.  In Language Arts, the teachers use a variety of materials including Edmark Reading and Reading Milestones which are proven successes.  In other subject areas, all lessons are multi-sensory with specific goals as per their individualized education program (IEP).  Manipulatives and projects are used to reinforce skills.


First Children School’s highly specialized educational and therapeutic services include:

  • Cutting Edge Technology-We utilize IPADS, Smart Boards and augmentative devices to meet each student’s individual needs and enrich the curriculum.
  • Therapeutic Services-Our therapeutic services include physical, occupational and speech/feeding therapy. These services are provided individually as well as in small group.  Educators and therapists meet daily to discuss goals and treatment planning in order to provide a comprehensive and collaborative educational program.
  • Instruction for Students Who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing-Our Teachers of the Deaf provide in class support as well as individualized instruction. An audiologist provides consultative services including assessment and monitoring of equipment needs.
  • Instruction for Students with Visually Impairments-In September 2016, we added a Teacher of the Visually Impaired to our educational team.
  • Instruction for Students With Deaf-Blindness-We offer a specialized curriculum and support services including trained interveners for students with deaf-blindness. 
  • Behavioral Services-We offer extensive behavioral services for our students. We have BCBA’s, BCABA‘s and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapists on staff.  Students can receive one to one ABA as well as push in services to the classroom.
  • Full-Time Nursing-First Children School has a full staff of nurses who are trained in the total care of students that have significant medical issues.
  • Parent Support Services–Parents have a serious role at First Children. We have an open door policy, so parents are always welcome to observe classes or therapies.  We also provide informational and support services for families.
  • Medical Clinics-First Children School offers a wide range of school based clinical services. These include Physiatry, Neurodevelopmental, Audiology/Speech/Feeding, Orthotic, and Rehabilitative.  Parents are encouraged to participate.
  • Enrichment Therapies-We believe in nurturing the whole child by utilizing music, pet, and horticultural therapies in our curriculum.
  • Life Skills Instruction-Our students learn to explore their environments.  Field trips, community based instruction as well as interactive presentations help to broaden knowledge and generalize skills.
  • Care Coordination-Care coordination across our interdisciplinary teams ensures a smooth continuity of care for each student.
  • Transitions and District Assistance-The goal of First Children School is to ultimately return a student to their home district. We assist with this process to ensure a smooth transition, including providing a half day service.  We also provide assistance to public schools that are in need of a more specialized program in district.
  • Extended School Year-First Children School offers a seven-week long Extended School Year Program for our students.  The program gives new youngsters the opportunity to become acquainted with their new school in a particularly low-key environment, and it allows First Children students to maintain learning that is hard to retain over long summer breaks.


First Children School’s High School Program

Our high school program is designed to maximize the learning and skills of each individual program.  The program features a combination of ABA therapy, life skills, and vocational training.  


First Children School Administrative Staff

First Children School is a New Jersey Department of Education approved private school for students with disabilities and is accredited by the The National Commission for the Accreditation of Special Education Service (NCASES).

NCASES Accredited and NJ DOE approved special education school





Contact First Children School 
Principal: Kathleen Gorski
Address: 330 South Avenue Fanwood, NJ 07023
Phone: 908-654-2471