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Transitions Program

Welcome to our
Transitions Program!

What do you do for students who are unable to attend or participate in school due to anxiety and school refusal, but can benefit from interaction with peers outside the home? First Children Services has a solution with our Transitions Program! The Transitions Program is a small group, center-based, home instruction program for students in grades 6-12 who are not able to attend their public schools due to anxiety, depression, or other mental health challenges. First Children is a New Jersey Department of Education program for home instruction, counseling, and other related services.

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Transitions students at graduation.

About the Program

Students who are not attending school due to underlying anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, fears, bullying, social skills challenges, and/or family related difficulties present a considerable challenge for school personnel and families. Traditional home instruction may provide an immediate educational solution, but it will only mask the problem and can socially isolate the child leading to further issues. 

Time is of the essence for these students as the longer a child remains out of school, the more difficult it becomes for the child to return to school. First Children’s Transitions Program for students with anxiety and school refusal offers a solution that allows these students to comfortably return to a group learning environment among their peers.

The goals of the Transitions Program are to help students with anxiety and/or depression, who are not attending or thriving in a typical school setting, to return to a classroom-like setting, learn coping skills, and ultimately transition back to school.

The program includes group and individual counseling for each student in addition to their academic curriculum. As students progress through the program, our professional staff will assist students, their families, and school district staff with a re-entry plan to transition them back to school.

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What we offer...

Designed with School Districts in Mind

The Transitions Program model was designed to meet the needs of sending school districts

First Children is a New Jersey Department of Education Approved Clinic and Agency for counseling and home instruction. Our Transitions Program teachers are New Jersey Department of Education certified. The Transitions curriculum follows the New Jersey Student Learning Standards. Students do not need an IEP or 504 to attend the Transitions Program. Transportation to and from our programs is typically the responsibility of the sending school district.

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Profiles of Success

As students progress through the program, our dedicated team of professionals will assist students, their families, and school district staff with a re-entry plan to successfully transition them back to their home school district.

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Counseling Services

The Transitions Program counseling services are provided by our experienced licensed clinical social workers who work closely with each student’s outside treatment provider and family to ensure a smooth continuity of care. Counseling services include but are not limited to, Mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy, social skills, and family support.


Caitlin Summers

Interested in learning more about the Transitions Program?

For more information on the Transitions Program, please contact Caitlin Summers-Motta, Director of Mental Health Services, at or (609) 744-5781.

Transitions Program is located at 1256 Marlkress Rd, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003.