Social Skills Groups

Social Skills Groups

First Children Services offers social skills groups for children ages 3-21 in our New Jersey and Pennsylvania locations.

Social skills do not come easily for all children and the lack of appropriate social skills can often impact the child’s interaction with peers making school and recreational activities even more challenging.

By interacting with others and engaging in social norms, such as holding the door open for a person, a child with social skills deficits can learn to develop meaningful relationships and minimize stigmatizing behaviors.

First Children’s  social skills groups are 8-week social skills classes that assist participants in increasing the use of age appropriate social skills.  Each week, a different social skill is taught which will continue to be generalized throughout the course.

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Our social skills groups are designed and supervised by a First Children Services Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). In these classes, children learn social skills, self-management, and problem-solving skills in a fun, interactive way.

First Children Services provides all materials needed for our social skills groups.

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