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School District Services

A Model for Success

First Children Services touches the lives of more than 1,000 children and families with a dedicated workforce of over 400 teachers, clinicians, paraprofessionals, and support staff. 

Our organization currently works with over 80 public school districts, regional day schools, and charter schools in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

The First Children difference and how we can
provide value to your district:

Comprehensive Services

We are not a staffing company, we are a provider of behavioral health and special education services. All of our staff are supervised and undergo intensive training and continuing education on an ongoing basis.

Quality Assurance

We employ Quality Improvement Committees throughout the organization; all with a focus on ensuring that all services delivered to clients are done in compliance and in accordance with best practices clinically.

Transparency and Accountability

First Children employs a full scale electronic health record and clinical management software across the organization. As a partner of First Children you will have access to reports, outcomes and other pertinent data on a real time basis.


As special education school operators ourselves, we are in a unique position to understand the challenges that educators face day in/day out. From IEP compliance to budget constraints, we have been in your seat.


Due to our quality assurance practices, rigorous training and supervisory expectations, we are competitively priced and offer high value. Our district partners have found by working with us that they have saved tremendously by reducing costly out of district placements, transportation, litigation and other outsourced staffing needs. First Children prides itself with providing quality of services by generating both efficiency as well as effectiveness.


We work with each school district to find new and creative ways to more effectively serve their students within their budget.


First Children employs a team of recruiters, credentialing specialists and HR professionals making sure you get the staff you need and that they are properly certified, licensed and ready to work.

Hours of
behavioral support
each month


Schools that have access to our mental health support

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Our cutting-edge services

All staff provided by First Children have been professional, responsible and display a strong commitment to ensure that each student is reaching his/her potential. The BCBAs closely monitor all First Children therapists and will suggest interventions or modifications that can be easily delivered in a public school environment. The ABA therapists and BCBAs are supported by a strong administrative team that is readily available for any district-related issues

Job Placement

We have experience placing the following positions:

After successful placement, our job does not stop. We will continue to work with the client to ensure the staff member successfully transitions to become a productive member of the client’s care delivery team.

All school district services are provided by employees of First Children Services. We do not hire independent contractors.

First Children Services is committed to providing the most qualified and professional school staffing services to your organization. As a provider organization ourselves, we bring added expertise and understanding of the day to day realities of direct service delivery in education, therapeutic, behavioral health and traditional health care settings. Our recruiters maintain a database of thousands of qualified candidates to fill your position of need.