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Student/Client Success Profile

Program: Transitions Program

Cherry Hill, NJ

Student/Client Name: G

Case History/Information:  The student was sent to us by their sending district during the middle of their Junior year in high school. The student presented with high academic success in their history but significant struggles related to anxiety. At the time of the admission, the student had been on traditional home instruction but was continuing to struggle. When attending the tour the student was quiet and reserved. They were hesitant to say much and their mother and the district representative shared most of the history. The student presented with a strong support system and an engaged team.

The student was an ideal candidate for the Transitions program and was accepted. The Transitions program has an almost immediate turnaround on acceptance determinations to avoid significant gaps that could add to any prospective student’s continued anxiety.

Programming at FCS: Programming for the student began immediately upon their arrival at the program. The student was assigned a social worker who they met with at least weekly and participated in an assigned counseling group at least once a week. Additional sessions were made available with the social worker to best support the student outside of scheduled sessions. The student found a substantial relationship with the program’s teachers and teaching assistants who were able to work with them for the duration of the placement. The teachers quickly identified the student’s strengths and utilized those to build confidence in the student. Modifications to the material were made as necessary.

The student struggled specifically with math, and when starting with the program in May, the student had a low math grade. The math teacher worked closely with them to identify where the gaps in skills were, identify foundational skills needed to advance, and worked through the various concepts at a pace that was suitable for the student to acquire said skill. The instruction was individualized and tailored to work with student G. The small classroom size, 6-8 students, allowed this to be possible. This is a pillar of the Transitions program.

The clinical and therapeutic interventions provided were of significant support but student G benefited from the supportive, quiet, smaller environment. One area that brought the most comfort was the fact they were never alone. Student G wasn’t the only one going through these struggles and there was a sense of camaraderie amongst others in the program. Over the course of the sessions, paired with the supportive environment, student G built confidence in themselves. When identifying the areas that were difficult in public school, student G was able to utilize the coping skills learned because of their own newly discovered confidence in themself.

Current State: The student attended the Transitions program for 2 months of the typical school year and continued through our supplemental summer program. The summer program provided 5 weeks of additional academic and clinical supports. At the end of this period, the student determined they were able to return to their sending district to complete their senior year. At that time, student G worked closely with the clinical and educational representatives from the program to identify a plan of support.

September 2023, student G successfully transitioned back to their school. During a quality assurance review with the parent and district, there were only positive reports.  Student G is reportedly demonstrating a new level of confidence and has developed the ability to advocate for themselves.

Parent Testimonial: “She misses First Children Services, especially ALL of the staff.  First Children Services helped her immensely, not with just the teaching aspect, but she has gained her confidence and has been holding her head up high, very high.  She also found her voice at the age of 17; so thankful.

To think a year ago, this is where she would be today, I am so, so, so appreciative to both of you for taking every step necessary for her to get to be where she is today. I can go on and on for how again grateful I am to the two of you!! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH.”

District Testimonial: “I’ve never had an out-of-district placement reach out regarding a student after they transitioned back to us.  I’ve included G’s mother in this email because I know this will mean so much to her.  Your school is phenomenal, and this email proves it!

Student G is doing very well.  She has advocated for herself when assistance is needed and has come to me to problem-solve.  I truly believe that the time spent at First Children helped G in so many ways.  Academically, your program allowed for us to change a low math grade that she received while on home instruction.  Socially and emotionally, G has shown so much growth. Thank you again for reaching out and I’m looking forward to our continued partnership!”