First Children School in Fanwood, NJ launched its Storytelling and Library Club titled “Bringing Books to Life,” in an effort to help students enhance their reading and writing skills. The goals of the club are to provide students with the opportunity to learn new vocabulary words, develop cultural awareness, and encourage reading and writing.  

The school is excited to have Kamiliah Addo-Mills facilitating and running the club. Kamiliah comes from a background working with children and holds a Bachelors Degree in Family and Child Studies. She’s also earned Masters level credits towards becoming a School Library Media Specialist and has a passion for educating and helping children reach success inside and outside of the classroom. 

While participating in the club, students will get to dress up as different book characters, play with puppets and props, create their own stories and crafts, act out scenes from books, and so much more! 

“We want them to have fun, while learning to read at the same time, at their developmental level,” says First Children School Vice Principal, Zakkiyyah Sally. “In this fun and educational environment, students will gain social skills and foster their imaginations through creative activities!”

Through these different interactive activities, Kamiliah’s goal is to help each student find the joy in reading and engage with them in a way that supports where they’re at, while also teaching them new skills, such as socializaion, gross motor and more. 

 “Even if they learn one new word, I’m happy with that,” comments Sally.

Thank you, Mrs. Kamiliah for making reading fun!