Our team of Occupational Therapists at First Children School in Fanwood, NJ are truly one of a kind and remarkable at their job. They provide the best quality of care to students in a fun and educational environment. Below, meet Mary Frese & Mary Reilly two of our OTs in Fanwood!

Mary Frese, Occupational Therapist, is part of an amazing and supportive OT/PT team and loves the collaborative and inspiring nature of her role. As part of the OT/PT team, Mary supports the students every day. “We are always in and out of the classroom and working with the whole team to address a variety of their needs in a holistic and functional manner.”

Mary ReillyMary Reilly, Occupational Therapist, has been with First Children for 12 years. Working with students is a passion of hers and finds it important to create an inclusive and safe space for every one of them. “Every child deserves to work and play in a space they feel they belong.”

With the collaborative OT/PT team, Mary helps students develop new skills and strength sets. “The collective talent and heart of this group works hard to create dynamic, fun and effective therapeutic services for our students.”

Collectively, the OT/PT team makes an impact every day in the lives of the students at First Children and we’re so proud and honored to have them on the First Children Services team! Thank you for all you do.