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Danielle Lawrence stands in Thrifty Threads thrift store.

The Transitions Program in Cherry Hill, NJ has a new and fashionable addition! “Thrifty threads” is the program’s new thrift store and it’s officially open for business. The store was started by FCS Compliance Officer, Danielle Lawrence and offers donated clothing, shoes, body care items such as lotions and soaps, pajamas, winter apparel, backpacks and more. Items are free to take and are available for Transitions students and FCS staff.  

“I had the idea to start this store one day on my way home from work. I was thinking about how expensive things are these days…clothing especially,” explains Lawrence. “I also thought back to when I was a teenager without a job and how I still wanted to get my family or friends something for the holidays!”  

She put her plan into action and proposed the idea to the team. Danielle was met with enthusiasm and was given the green light to start collecting items needed to open the store. Not only did “Thrifty Threads” serve as a resource to students, but it also offered other benefits, as well.  

“This is a great concept for students interested in changing their style, experimenting with different pieces and trying new things."

“I saw this as a big opportunity for a few reasons, one of which being volunteer/job training for students in Transitions,” says Danielle. “Another reason was to serve as an outlet for students to express creativity by holding a fashion show! They’ll have the opportunity to change the outfit on the mannequin and showcase new items, while also expressing their styles. Additional reasons for the store include thrifting gifts, and most importantly helping those in need without the embarrassment.“ 

Not only is Danielle enjoying putting the store together and collecting the donated items but the students in Transitions are also really enjoying the store and all it has to offer. 

“This is a great concept for students interested in changing their style, experimenting with different pieces and trying new things,” says a student in the Transitions Program. “It’s also great for students who might be in need and aren’t necessarily able to go to a store to buy all new stuff.”  

The store has been open for a few months now and has been rapidly growing. Happy with its success thus far, Danielle is excited to see what it becomes in the future. “At first, I was a little worried about how the students would react, but they absolutely love it!” she says. “I am so thankful for everyone who’s been donating so far. The students really look forward to it.” 

A student looking through clothing racks.