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Carol Jones, FCS Recruiter

Can you explain the growth that you’ve seen while working at First Children Services?

I began my journey with First Children when the company I had been working with since 2009 merged with them. I was a BT and then became an RBT and was responsible for working in all service locations. Since becoming an employee of FCS, I have been able to grow my skills – first as a Care Manager for our Pennsylvania locations and spreading that into Northern New Jersey. This unique perspective of our company and the services we offer lent itself to my current position in HR as a Talent Acquisition Specialist, which I got promoted to in June 2022. 

"Although I may not be providing direct care any longer, I'm still helping to make a difference every single day."

What has been your greatest professional accomplishment while working at First Children?

I am very proud of my ability to build connections within the company.  I work hand in hand with several different departments and the relationships I have built allow me to better meet the needs of the different areas we have programs. I am also excited at the current growth of our clinical-level BCBAs and BT/RBTs. I love having a direct hand in the quality of services we are providing our clients. 

What is your day-to-day like as a Talent Acquisition Specialist?

What I love about my position is that every day is fast-paced and different! I have multiple interviews a day where I try my best to accurately describe the type of services we provide to our clients, as well as the many benefits there are to working in this field and more specifically with FCS.

I meet with our Regional Directors regularly to ensure I am hiring for the needs of our current and prospective clients. I also support the onboarding experience for all of our PA new hires. Additionally, I’m working behind the scenes to develop smoother and more streamlined processes for the interviewing and hiring process. 

And when asked, I participate in marketing campaigns and recruitment efforts, such as career and hiring events, to amplify our presence and bring in both new families to serve and prospective team members.  

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Hands down the most rewarding part of my job is helping to select strong and qualified team members to work with our clients. All the work we do is ultimately to support their growth and development. I love knowing that while I may not be providing direct care any longer, I’m still helping to make a difference every single day!