First Children Services is excited to announce a few promotions and career growth in our Pennsylvania programs! 

Kristen Daneker, who was previously the Regional Director of Pennsylvania, will now be the Director of Quality and Outcomes. In her new role, Kristen will oversee ABA training, as well as quality outcomes and measuring within all of First Children’s program offerings in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

“I love my role at First Children because I am in the unique position to not only impact client progress and outcomes but I am also able to create systems and processes that shape positive employee experiences,” says Daneker. “I have a hand in changing lives every day – one child and employee at a time!”

Kristen Daneker
Devon Garfio

As Kristen moves into her new role, Devon Garifo will move from Assistant Regional Director of Pennsylvania to Regional Director. 

I love the people that I work with, learning from staff and the children alike, and working with parents and caregivers to transfer skills from ABA sessions to everyday life,” comments Garifo. 

Congratulations to both of these strong members of the organization and we are so excited to have them start their new roles and watch them grow the organization even more.