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What makes our approach different at First Children?

First Children has always been committed to being family-centered and family-focused.  Our compassionate approach is one that has been thoughtfully cultivated by taking time to learn, listen and understand the needs of the individuals we work with and the families we serve.    
We prioritize building relationships and emphasize connection over compliance. We create an environment where the feeling of safety is ensured.  We know that only learning happens when each individual is happy, relaxed and engaged.  We take the time to see you, hear you and understand you.

What is Today’s ABA?


Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) has long been considered the gold standard for the treatment of Autism.  It is an evidence-based approach to teach new skills, refine learned skills and reduce problem behavior.  ABA has a long history and like all science it has grown and evolved over the years. At one time, the focus was on redirection, modification and compliance. Caregivers were taught to physically redirect, repeat commands and to ignore behaviors.
At First Children, we prioritize connection over compliance.  We learn our clients’ needs by listening to them and observing their likes, interests and aversions.  We create an environment where the feeling of safety is ensured.  We know the only learning happens when they are happy, relaxed and engaged.
We know there is still improvement to be made and we are dedicated to raising awareness and accountability.  We have committed to working with other professionals who have focused their careers on making sure that the voices of our most vulnerable individuals are heard and protected.

Learn while

Our team will work with the individual and their family to understand preferences and aversions whether they are tangible items or social interactions. We listen to how they communicate and what is being communicated through behavior.

Learn by
Creating Joy

We make sure that the environment is filled with objects and activities that will allow each child to feel safe and in control. We follow their lead and ensure they know we see them, hear them and are there for them. By creating joy, we empower each individual to reach their greatest potential without feeling coerced.

Learn by

We gradually introduce skills while ensuring each child feels empowered. We are teaching them that even though we may not always understand what they are trying to communicate, they do not need to comply against their will nor do they need to engage in challenging or unsafe behavior.

Learn while

When our learners are happy, relaxed and engaged and understand they have control, the possibilities are endless. Whether it is child, clinician or parent lead, the individual is learning and teaching us at the same time.

Build and
Maintain Trust

We know that most individuals have had trauma or had experiences of being coerced, misunderstood or ignored. It takes time to restore that trust and maintaining it is a process.

Connection over

At FCS we don't believe in working through a behavior in order to teach a new skill or ignoring a behavior. Behavior is communication. New skills will be learned when your child is connected to the person teaching the skill.