Our Educational Program Advisor, Tom McCool, recently visited Ireland where he furthered awareness of autism on an international scale. Below is an excerpt of his visit.

“Cathy and I are in Dublin for the weekend following last week’s autism meetings in Belfast. These photos were taken last Tuesday evening at Stormont, home of the Northern Ireland legislature. The event there was sponsored by the All Party Group On Autism and was attended by members of the assembly and the Minister of Health for Northern Ireland. This photo was taken with Mike Reid from Innovative Learning; Scott Badesch, Executive Director of the Autism Society of America and his wife; and Dr. Jim Ball, Board Chair of the Autism Society of America.

On Wednesday and Thursday I facilitated a meeting of the autism societies of America, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. The meetings were scheduled in conjunction with a Memorandum of Understanding signed between the US Congressional Autism Caucus and the government of Northern Ireland. So far it has been a great visit.”

Autism Awareness in Ireland 2
Autism Awareness in Ireland